Kerio 2.1.5 filter rules keep disappearing

Has anybody experienced the Kerio 2.1.5 filter rule set being reset to the default set for no apparent reason? This was happening on my computer for a while, now it seems to have stopped happening. Then, I installed the firewall on a friend's computer and it just happened to THAT computer.

Does anybody know why this is happening?


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John Corliss
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try password protection in options. export rules so its easy to recover. set perf conf as read only file.

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Thanks very much for replying.

Yes, I backed up the ruleset file yesterday. Was just hoping to find out if anybody knew what was causing the file to get reset in the first place.

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John Corliss

Hi John,

Short answer no.

I also use same version of kerio. When i installed it i followed suggestions as per pacman's portal & answers that work sites which pointed me to "personal firewall" kerio & tiny personal firewall

- i forget the exact url but i have it somewhere. - sorry not much help so far.

i made up rules as suggested. then [as suggested] ran kerio in 'learn ' mode.

I finished up with 8 different rule sets - you can load / or save different sets as desired.

I'd be quite willing to swap conf sets. yours might be better than mine.

Back to your original question.

  1. what else is running Anti-virus ? anti spyware ?

maybe check with Hijack this & post the contents of the log here and maybe to a free tech-tips site.

  1. some progs in (1) might cause "it" to happen

3, (paranoia) malaware etc


Ian C

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