IPCop and transparent proxy

I have installed an IPCOP PC, and I have a couple of problems. I installed an 1.4.4 version, with advanced proxy, on a 3 nics PC. On the Orange nic (DMZ) I have installed a mail server. From the Red nic I forward port 22 and port 25 to the mail server. The first problem is that transparent proxy works *always*. I want to disable it, but my lan pcs can browse the internet, even if I don't configure their browser (IPCOP is the default gateway). There is a way to disable it manually (not following the menu, that doesn't work) ?

The second problem is that pcs are very, very slow to download the mail. They are fast to send, but slow to download. I don't think this is an hardware problem, but I imagine something about configuration...but what ?

Thanks for the help, Leo

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Leonardo Broseghini
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