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Hi all,

A year or so ago, my other half worked for a company that sold the Sonicwall firewalls to the big corporates. Towards the end of her contract there the staff were offered the chance to buy some old stock from the warehouse at knockdown prices - so (knowing her husband is a bit of a geek - I work as a software and web developer) she came home with a 1u Sonicwall Pro firewall in the back of her car that she bought for peanuts.

And there ends anything we know about it... somehow I forgot we had it, and it's sat in the back of the study under a pile of books ever since. I started looking at it tonight and wondered if I could figure out exactly what it is, and if it might be worth anything to anybody (I already have a hardware firewall on our home network, and using an enterprise level box really would be overkill).

So - it's a 1u rackmount box - plain blue all over, leds across the front, and RJ45 connectors for LAN 10/100, DMZ 10/100 and WAN 10/100 on the back. There is a serial connector on the back too. That's basically it - there is a serial number on it, but I'm guessing I'll have to dig out a serial cable and hook it up to the laptop to try and telnet it to find out anything else out. There is no mention of a model name on it.

Does anybody have any idea what it is from the basic description above? Is it worth keeping (or using!?)

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Given that it is rack mount, 1u size, it is likely a pro series sonicwall firewall. Would have retailed new when it was sold for over $2,000.00 minimum.

Is there anything like a model numver or anything on it? (on the bottom, etc?)

There is likely a reset switch on it that you need to stick a pen in to depress. Turn it on while holding down the switch for 10-15 seconds or so will reset it to factory default. Once you do that, it's IP address on the LAN port will be Take a computer and hard code it's IP address to be, and then conmnect it up to the sonicwall via the lan port with either a hub or a crossover cable. Open up a web browser from the Pc and go to and it will let you in to the management interface to configure it, see what model it is, etc.

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T. Sean Weintz

Cheers for that - without knowing the IP address I would have had to write something to scan the IPs...

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