H/W Firewall-Router Recommendation

Subject says it all. With the current multitide of choices, what is a particularly good hardware unit for a fixed wireless broadband inet connection where security is of the principal concern? May have the need for 1 or 2 additional computers tied in at a later date.

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You didn't provide enough information.

What are you protecting?

A home or small office without a lot of money could go as cheap as a=20 DFL-700 Appliance and add wireless AP units are needed. I don't like=20 firewalls that include wireless in the appliance, your options are=20 limited.

If you get a firewall and then drop AP?s where needed you can upgrade=20 your wireless solution without having to change the expensive firewall=20 also.

If money is not an object, I would purchase a WatchGuard firewall and=20 then AP units.


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