Firewall recommendation?

I'm looking for a small footprint, low resource, firewall.

I use NOD32 and SuperAntiSpyware. I have a wireless NAT router.

I use Firefox most of the time but I need to use Outlook on a regular basis. I also use IE whenever FF wont play something, can't load it, etc.

Comodo messed up my machine for reasons I don't understand but I had to reinstall Outlook etc. - don't want to try that again.



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Did you contact Comodo forums for help?

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Just curious. I use Comodo with DSL ATT/Yahoo and have had some problems with their app "resetting" my IP (I am on dynamic with ATT/Yahoo).

I will be post>I'm looking for a small footprint, low resource, firewall.

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The build-in packet filter in XP SP2 (called the windows firewall) already meet your criteria.

If your wireless conection is secured (strongly encrypted) you are probably pretty well off.

Is there a specific reason why you need to use Outlook?

No problem. You don't need illusionware anyway.

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Straight Talk (aka B. Nice)

I have watched you travel to the Moon and back trying all the PFW(s). What's the deal with that?

Why don't you just use the XP FW. You just make sure to look for any new Exception rules being made if you install software.

I don't know about the SAS thing, but NOD and the NAT router are good, but I can't say much about the wireless

I used Outlook to for emails, but I always have a proxy mail client sitting in front of Outlook. Outlook never sent or received emails on it own, so that I could catch dubious emails at the ISP so that they never reached the machine.

I even use the proxy in front of Windows Mail on Vista.

That's ok.

That's too bad.

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Mr. Arnold

I need to use Outlook to work with my Palm and then sync back and forth with work. I also use it as a PIM and find it quite friendly for reminding me and keeping appointments and doing all those nice chores.


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If you are on an encrypted wireless, you're pretty safe, and if your XPSP2 firewall is turned on, you're almost as safe as needed....

Running Comodo or ZoneAlarm can help but really only if you're fluent in firewalls, they can get 'fat' and have too many rules, then you can't even surf... which will lead to you cursing alot, and blaming something... it happens....

You might just leave well enough alone.... being behind a NAT router, you're hidden to a large extent, turn on your XP firewall and you're pretty well off...

I use AVG, aVast, LavaSoft, and SpyBot... never had a problem with them....

as for a firewall, I like WatchGuard and SonicWall firewalls...


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