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Looking at Watchguard, Sonicwall and maybe Zyxel hardware firewalls to fit this scenario.

We have 2 web servers to protect. There are no LAN users, no VPN needs, and traffic at peak times averages around 180kb / sec (even though we have a 10mb connection) - so low throughput.

My main needs are a configurable firewall.

For example, server #1 uses 3 public IPs currently (LAN is a /28 of public IPs, WAN is a /30).

For IP #1 on Server #1, we block all non-US based traffic, so my current rules start with a bunch of drops:

from: to xxx.xxx.xxx.100 drop from: to xxx.xxx.xxx.100 drop


then let in my web traffic - from anywhere to port 80/443 allow to .

100, .101, .102 etc.

Watchguard was helpful on the phone and recommended the X550e - around $1,100.00. Seemed a bit overkill as the specs on the smaller X10e seem to be sufficient.

Anyone familiar with these units? Any suggestions on what we might look at for a firewall?


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The X550e is a nice unit, I consider it to be the lowest end of a network solution for a business. The double digit units are more of a SOHO solution and while they provide great protection as a real firewall, they don't have all of the options of the larger units.

An X550e + LSS for 1 year at $1,100 is a good price.

If you pick the WG unit, post here if you need help - I'm almost always reading this group.

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