gnuclientw/gnudoit blocked by Norton Internet Security 2004

I have been using gnuserv/gnuclient with NT Emacs 21.3 under WinXP.

Everything works fine when NIS (Norton Internet Security) is disabled. When NIS is enabled, I encounter the following 2 problems:

  1. NIS continually keeps popping up warnings about: "A remote system is attempting to access your computer" with Remote Address equal to the IP address of the computer itself

  1. Eventually, an emacs frame pops up, however: - There is a 30-60 delay before emacs opens (as opposed to the usual near-instanteous start when NIS is disabled) - A new emacs process (and frame) is opened rather than using the existing emacs-server process (and frame) - When the frame finally does open, it is blank (i.e. the requested file never appears in the buffer) [NOTE: all of the above works fine when NIS is disabled]

I can solve problem 1, by passing the flag "-h" to gnuclientw. However, no matter what I do, problem 2 persists?

e.g., None of the following fix problem 2: - Setting the Firewall level to low - Setting the Firewall level to custom with the Personal Firewall level set to none - Setting Internet access for emacs, gnuclientw, gnudoit, and gnuserv all to "permit all"

Any thoughts on what might be going on here?

Thanks, Jeff

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Jeffrey J. Kosowsky
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