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When I had a single modem I used to be able to turn it off like for 20 seconds and turn it back on again, and then press "connect" on the Verizon icon in "Network Connections" and get a new IP number. Now I have a router and things are different. Turning it off and back on again doesn't work. Unplugging the router and rebooting the computer does work however, but I don't want to have to do that. Does anybody know how I can get a new IP while using a router? My router's a Westell by the way if you want to know.

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question is WHY do you care? one should be as good as another unless you're doing things that you wish to hide.

the ISP will determine your IP address and make it Stick until the Expire date base upon the MAC address it sees.

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Jeff B

You are not clear about which ip number you mean. The internal one assigned by the router ( as in 192.168.0.xx) or the one secured from you isp by the modem?

What I have found here is that the external IP number I am assigned is a function of the MAC address. I think the ISP keeps a table of these things. When connecting directly without the router, new card in the computer, new ip address. Put the old card in a different computer, it gets the ip address from before. I set the router to clone the former MAC address as a test, and it did get the same ip number. I can't see any valid reason for needing a new ip address, but I can think of a few for wanting to keep an existing one.

Internal ip numbers can easily be managed, manually or by dhcp (look up 'lease')


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