Getting power to internet/IP cameras

I'd like to install some wireless IP video cameras in my parents' store. To get decent coverage at the correct angles I'll need about 3-4 in an area approx 2,000 sq. ft. The building has push-out tile ceilings, so mounting and positioning the cameras is not a great challenge. However, the problem for me is AC power access. The inexpensive cameras I've used in the past (+/- $200 USD) use the 6-8 ft power cables and the small transformers (wall warts).

What are some ideas for getting power where I'll need it?

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On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 04:17:50 GMT, "JM" wrote in :

Use Power over Ethernet with cameras that support it.

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John Navas

I'd go with wired cameras with Power Over Ethernet. I had good luck with the

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in an outdoor housing (till it got hit by lightning), and would probably use those and a
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for a file server for them.

No, they aren't cheap, but if your time is worth anything you should look into professional gear like this for a security application. I'd never trust multiple wirless cameras in a security application, and the Axis cameras can do motion detection, take alarm triggers, and Email you pictures and movies (plus write interesting stuff to the NAS drive automatically).

Axis has a bunch of new gear that I haven't looked at, but IMHO, security cameras just gotta have 802.3af PoE.

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