Does FW-1 have a command line interface and if so, how do I get to it. I'm somewhat new to Checkpoint FW-1, and having got it just implemented into the office infrastructure perimeter, I'd like to get to know it better than those half-wit admins here. :) Thanks in advance.


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If You mean a commandline interface to define rules like You have with PIX or NetScreen. No it does not.

The fwm command with its subcommands gives You some options from the commandline though.



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Konstantinos Agouros

of course, you can ssh to it. depending on the OS (Nokia, SecureGuard, Secure Platform ...) you have certain (more or less unix-like) commands. but you can't edit any firewall rules.(actually i think you could - but it is not recommended) furthermore you have access via https whereyou define your ssh clients...

this is a good place to start reading:

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