Checkpoint vs FTP/PASV


I have a pb with a checkpoint FW

i have set up a FTP server on my DMZ, added a rule FTP in my FW,but clients have pb in some cases

- connexion : ok

- login / password : ok

- data exchange in PORT mode : all is ok.

- if a client try to switch to PASV mode ..the FW cut the connexion when the server reply to PASV

the log on the FW is from to the "SmartDefense" module :

  • Attack name : FTP Bounce
  • Attack Info : IP adress mismatch in PORT/227 command - header IP
  • different from command IP
  • service : ftp (21)
  • source : X.X.X.X
  • target : X.X.X.X

"source" is the IP of ftp client ( on internet ) "target" id the public IP adress of my FTP server

When i check log on my fTP client and server :

- last line on client before disconnect is: "PASV"

- last line on server is "227 Entering Passive Mode (x,x,x,x,215,36) " ( x.x.x.x is public IP of my FTP server, port is in the good range )

If i uncheck the "FTP Bounce protection" in the SMARTDEFENSE module, no more pb, so i think that all rules are fine, good port are open ..just this damned smartdefense pb.

anyone have i idea on this ? is it possible to correct something ? if possible, i'd prefer to reactivate this protection.

Sorry for my english ..i don't use it very often. Thanks in advance

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Is this connection to your FTP server being NATed per chance? I could understand the problem if thats the case.

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SmartDefense doesn't like that my FTP put is public adresse in the PASV answer while it is in my DMZ with a private IP, it need that the FT Panswer with its private adresse and the CheckPoint swap private / public IP while PASV answer go across the FW.

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Thanks for the follow-up. I was wondering what it could be.

Take care,


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