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I am in a campus where all the outgoing internet connection is thorough a http proxy. I want to use Cisco VPN client to make a VPN connection to a server outside my campus, can someone please tell me how to configure the VPN client to use the proxy server to make the outgoing connection(on Linux and Windows). I could not find this option anywhere and also could not find any relevant resource in the net.

I dont know if this is the right forum, if not, I will be grateful if someone points me to the proper place to post this question.

Thanks! Vishwas.

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Are you using a SSL VPN or IPSEC VPN. SSL VPN is logging into a web page and connecting to the VPN. The IPSEC VPN is a client software piece. If you are using a IPSEC VPN it does not use port 80 for communication.

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Chad Mahoney

I want to use IPSEC VPN... is it not supported? Any idea if there any other client which might support connection through proxy?

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Forget about getting an ipsec connection working through an http proxy. Search for the folllowing keywords if you want to connect to a Cisco vpn endpoint through https:

- Cisco webvpn

- Cisco Anyconnect

And even then your connection might still not pass (url filtering, ssl interception,...)

Br. Robby

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