Can't Use Messenger with Firewall ON

Hi I have encountered a problem. I tried using ZoneAlarm as well as Sygate Personal Firewall. Whenever I start my Yahoo messenger I get a message to allow it or not. When I saw yes it allows me to login to yahoo messenger, but I can't receive any messages from my friends. Does anyone know why? or has anyone the solution for the problem?

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A google search turned up this: quote........ Yahoo Instant Messenger =3F Users login to the centralised Yahoo IM service to find other users. Once authenticated and online, users may choose to message each other directly or through shared chat rooms. The default port for Yahoo Instant Messenger is 5050 but the client is =3Fport-agile=3F and, if the port is blocked, it will look for other open ports =3F next targeting the HTTP port

  1. Just like MSN Messenger, the client supports HTTP proxies, but not HTTP Proxy authentication. Note that file transfers and file sharing is commonly done over TCP port 4443. end quote... Mayabe this will help you with firewall setup. Casey
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