Blackice and XP Remote Desktop prob

I'm trying to connect to my XP Pro PC from my second PC. When I stop the Blackice engine, I connect correctly. When I start the engine, my attempts to connect time out. I have added TCP port 3389 to the Blackice firewall settings, however the fault still occurs.

Can anyone help?

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What kind of networking environment do you have? In my case, I am using a router as the gateway device on the LAN.

What I did to all my XP Pro machines to do RDS on the machines was to configure BI to allow the limited number of DHCP IP(s) that can be accessed by the router to have access on all ports on the machines. So, by doing that, I don't need to get into a specified port rule to all NM's RDS to work on the machines.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

My Networking environnement is only a single crossed cable between two PCs. BlackIce is only installed on the Main PC which is used to share an ADSL modem.

Main PC1 is configurated as name: "PC1"; workgroup: "home" and ip: "" The second PC is configurated as name: "PC2"; workgroup: "home" and ip: ""

The command ping PC1 and ping PC2 are available and sucessful untill I start blackIce. Also internet modem sharing is available until I start blackIce.

I added the trusted Ip and 192.1680.2 in the advanced setting of BlackIice and check the "allow internet file sharing", "allows neighborhood Netbios" options buth the problem remains.

Help for what I have to configure in BlackIce setting is welcomed


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