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Hello.... I have an old 98se pc thats connected (1MEGBB) to an actiontec wireless ready dsl gateway (it has nat ,basic firewall etc) ,via a usb cable (i dont have an ethernet port).Anyway my gf who has a nice new sony vaio laptop wanted to connect to the net using a us robotics wirelesscard,however the wireless ready actiontec gateway doesnt seem to recognise it no matter what i do.I have read that it only recognises the actiontec wireless card which has been discontinued some years ago.Anyway i decided to try the lan cable from the back of the gateway to her computer.This seems to work ,though i did get a windows error about the same IP address detected ,on both machines.A shields up test showed the same ip address and stealth on both machines.As you can tell im a complete novice when it comes to connecting ,and lan connections etc.Is it safe connecting the way i currently am?(ive just ignored the same ip warnings up till now) ,or is there something i should configure in windows network or in the actiontec gateway?Any help in easy language would be appreciated. me

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I have zero experience with the ActionTec box, but I can tell you that you have to have a router or some other device that uses NAT, it may be possible to do that on the ActionTec. On all residential gateways that i have seen, it is USB or ethernet, but never both. They are two different interface types which lead to the same external IP, that is why is showing the same IP on both machines. I would recommend getting some sort of router or firewall. Hope that this helps.

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Alan I. Bildzukewicz

Two or more machines cannot be using the same IP on the network. It's a sign of trouble.

It could be a sign that someone is using your wireless network and has the IP that your machine wants to use. It's possible. The DHCP table in the router may be messing up in assigning IP(s) and you need to do a

*reset* of the router to correct it. The reset of the router on how to should be in the user manual.

The link may help you.

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Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Thank you both for replies.It s working now and the gateways assigning different ips as it should.The first time i tried it (both machines on) ,i had the above errors.Switching the laptop off then connecting the lead and rebooting works ok. me

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