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Hey guys, I would like to know whether or not the LC connector is fragile or less reliable than its SC and ST counterparts. I've heard from a few technicians that it breaks relatively quickly, is this true? Could you please state why it would be preferable to SC if at all? Thanks alot :)


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I've not had lots of experience with the LC, but LC makes SC look a bit of an anomoly, in the reliabaility stakes.

The LC plugs in to it's socket more firmly and securely, whereas the SC types might *look* as if they're plugged in, but they're not quite.

The bigger SC connectors are easier to disconnect from their fibre patch lead, I find.


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Mal Jackson

LC connector has been proven very reliable. There were some first generation batches that got out with lousy latches that fell off and problems like that, but they should be gone now. It really depends on what you are connecting anyway. If you are connecting directly to high density computer or switching ports, they all have LC now anyway. Many FO modems and such still use SC. For me, it,s just been about the right end for the job- no reliability concern. Having siad that, techs should really train on fiber at least a little before installing. Copper use in the cable plant and EMS floor manufacturing can ingrain techniques that simply do not apply to, or kill a fiber! (bending, crimping, cut and re-term, etc.)

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