Looking for Specific Type of Adapter

I'm looking for a metallic fiber optic connector that meets these requirements:

- metal housing

- SC female on both ends

- square middle section with four screw holes, two for mounting to equipment.

- plane of the SC connector intersects the diagonal of the middle section,

45 degrees offset

- ceramic and phosphor inserts

Amp makes a connector similar to this their part number 5492041-2 and

5492041-1. The problem with the Amp design is that it has an Amp logo on it and we would like to find a design with smooth metal surface on all sides, no logo.

I've checked with Amphenol and Fibersource, and no joy with either. If someone knows of a vendor for this part, please share.

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Try Senko and Chinese vendors if you need 100+ parts. If not, Senko offices in MA may still accomodate you but you may be better off bying the closest article you can off AFL, Corning, etc. and modifying yourself.

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