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hi Does anyone know about lpg?????? please help me :-(
my grating image attached. i have a waveguide. wveguide core:PMMA_DR1 & waveguide clad:PVA i have 3 mod in waveguide. my RI diffrent is about of 0.005 to 0.02 i writing grating and my grating period :...
7 years ago
Bend radius for normal SMF...
I suspect I'm good, from what I can find, but I'm not finding exactly what I'd like to find, so I'm going to ask here and see if anyone still reads the group while I'm at it... I bought an ADC/Tyco...
7 years ago 1
By the time 2016 transceiver module market will reach $3.3 billion
With the development of the technology of 100 - Gbps, adjustable SFP + optical transceiver module market is the overall to the latest release Infonetics 40 g / 10 g / 100 g optical transceiver module...
8 years ago
How to tell angled connector visually ?
I am not a laser scientist, I am just building an instrument which utilises a laser. I have ordered a laser with the _straight_ OzOptics FC-style high -power output connector. The laser arrived, and I...
8 years ago 1
SMF-28 attenuation vs wavelength
Hi, I'm looking for the fibre SMF-28 attenuation vs wavelength in the range 1550 - 1630 nm. I just can find the typical 0.2 dB/km. Regards, Stephane. And your problem with that is what, precisely?...
8 years ago 1
Ando AQ-7902C Floppy Memory Manual?
Does anyone have a PDF they can Share? Clem
9 years ago
Flawed fiber-optic imaging patent?
There's a patent claiming to image an object directly through a single fibe r. If true, that would represent a significant breakthrough over the use of a imaging fiber-optic bundle. A PDF of the...
9 years ago
Condux Fiber Optic Blower 08761306 for sale
I have "Condux Fiber Optic Blower 08761306" for sale on ebay. 2 more days before the auction is close. Link:
9 years ago
Glands for ready-made patch cords
We have media converters inside standard metal electrical enclosures. All t= he cables entering the enclosure are fed through standard IP55 glands at gl= and plate at the bottom of the enclosure. What...
9 years ago
Polarizing Beam Splitter Cube Delamination
Hi: 1-What causes polarization coating (the hypogenous interface) of a Polarizing Beam Splitter Cube go bad and sometimes delaminated? I could think of humidity+temperature. 2-Do you of any company...
9 years ago
Orienting PM fiber in APC connector?
How does one orient PM fiber to the angle in an FC/APC connector? The problem is one can not easily see the fiber axis when bonding to orient it inside the ferrule (assuming you could even fix the...
9 years ago
Fiber Optics in Access Network_CFP
Dear It is my great pleasure to use this opportunity to invite you to submit your research for the 3rd FOAN that will take place in St. Petersburg from 3th until 5th October 2012. This workshop is co-...
10 years ago
Optically Routed NOR Gate Array
A historical curiosity I guess. There was some work done in the mid fifties to early sixties on neon lamp/electroluminescent sources coupled with photoconductors to make logic gates. However none of...
10 years ago 1
Cheap OC3 and OC12 Bit Error Tester
Can someone recommend a cheap functional OC3 and OC12 bit error tester for layer 2 testing? design and made by your company or youself it is best cheap solve way but the OC3 and 12 the speed is too...
10 years ago 2
Optical Design Software for Everyone (Not a sales pitch!)
Hello from Engineering Calculations, Things are changing in the world of optical design software. ORA (CODE-V) was purchased by Synopsis (not Don Dilworth's design code). Focus Software has merged...
10 years ago 4