Duplex LC-LC Jumper Cable - How to convert to crossover?


I have two Catalyst 3560G-24PS switches with Cisco 1000Base-SX SFPs. I have some very nice Amphenol single-mode duplex jumper cables (P/N

942-625DD-10000), 50cm in length, which I would like to use to connect the two switches.

However, they are wired straight-through -- the transmit fiber on one end goes to the transmit position at the other end, so therefore no worky.

Is it possible to separate the little clip around the LC connectors which holds them together (like you can do with duplex SC connectors) so that I can reverse the fibers at one end of each of these patch cables to effectively make them crossover, so that I can use them as intended? If so, how?

If not, is the plastic clip removable entirely (with a Dremel, if need be!) to turn each duplex cable into two simplex cables?

Thanks in advance!

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Alexander Burke
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If you cant separate them, open the fiber enclosure and swap them in there.

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Another thing I just noticed re-reading this post, you list your GBICS as 1000Base-SX, well SX is for short wavelength (850nm) which is multimode. Yet you list your patch cord as single-mode. That's not gonna work either. I believe the typical expectation for launching multimode transmitter into singlemode cable is about a 45dB loss. Now, patching two switches directly, this may not be that bad, but it is probably still a deal killer.

Alexander Burke wrote:

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I can't open the fiber enclosure, since there is none -- the connection is directly from one SFP to another.

I was aware of the mode issue, but I just wanted to get it to the point where the mode might be the problem, which would be a huge improvement over the current situation! :)

The cable is only 0.5m long, so hopefully I'll still get *something* out of it.

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Alexander Burke

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