LC Cables With Automatic Closing Front?

Diamond makes a nice LC connector that automatically opens up a trap door covering the fiber when you insert it, and automatically closing the trap door when you remove the cable. We have an optical test lab where I need to be able to connect up about 20 OC-48 and OC-12 testers to any arbitrary connector type. I was toying with the idea of running long FC to LC cables for the majority of the distance we need to cover, then go by LC to LC adapter to patch cables that would adapt to all of the likely termination types. We would buy lots of LC to LC, LC to SC, and LC to FC patch cables, using something like the Diamond style trap door on the patch cables that would be changed over frequently.

Does any other vendor have a similar system for LC or any other connector type that doesn't cost as much as Diamond products do? It would also be nice if I could find the adapter in a style that automatically shuts access to the adapter with a trap door when a patch cable is removed.

I'm not necessarily attached to LC and would consider other connector types, but want to save some money, so cost is an important element.

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As you are aware Diamonds E2000 and F3000 connectors tend to be somewhat more expensive than the standard types.

I'm not aware of any similar type of connector to Diamonds, with integral shutter on the connector, other than rugged heavy duty ones that cost even more.

However, there are several LC and SC shuttered uniters available which may go some way to meeting your requirements. Molex certainly have both LC and SC shuttered uniters and similar products are available from other manufacturers, although you may have to ask specially for them.

This document will give you the relevant Molex part numbers

formatting link

From there check out the Molex website, or give these part no's to your usual supplier and ask them to source something similar.



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Hi Will,

Have you had a look at what Huber+Suhner offers?

They do the E2000 connector with a closing flap and the cost of those are quiet resonable.


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