LACP - wait while timer


I want to understand that,

I have a Link Aggregation Group (size 16) and I have 16 aggregable ports which exist in my system. Now to select the ports in the aggregate, the selection machine runs for each port.

In the beginning, no port is attached. When the selection machine runs for port 1, and decides that this port is capable to join this aggregate, it starts a 2 sec (Aggregable_Wait_Time) wait_while_timer.

Suppose in a scenario where in the worst case, when the wait_while_timer for a port expires, wait_while_timer starts for the next port. So we have to wait 2s + 2(15) = 32 seconds for selecting the ports into the aggregate.

Isn't this too long a time for the selection process.

Also, what if there's a frequent reconfiguration of the system and the wait time to select an aggregate is too long.

Please let me know your thoughts on this scenario.

Regards, Chetandeep Singh

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