slow smtp issue/packet capture

I am trying to diagnose a slow email issue from various office scanners that can perform scan to email from their control panel, used to work fine now their is an intermittent situation where scan a page once, goes fine, rescan it again and it may take minutes or hours. local email server. I have a packet capture, but I just noticed there doesn't seem to be a way to attach it.

I see sections where a previous segment loss message from is sent from scanner. then an awk from email server then some packets of message body (varies from 3 to 7) then duplicate awk packets equal in quanity to the number of message body packet sent. then a single fast retransimission of message body from scanner is sent to email server then more packets without any issues, then then the whole set of messages above again.

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In a modern ethernet network the most likely cause is a duplex missmatch.

Set everything to auto speed/auto duplex and try again.

Check all interfaces for hardware layer errors CRC, align/frame, short.

If you have unmanaged network equipment check the end stations. "netstat -e" works sometimes - If that doesn't identify the issue get managed network equipment or randomly change things until it goes away.

Second most likely is bad cable or NIC.

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