Disable ingress or dhcp spoofing on enterasys switches

I have two enterasys switches running right now, with the default configuration They are simply connected via ethernet on port 24. I've add an ip and enabled snmp monitoring but thats about it. The other day I tried to migrate from one dhcp server to another. It appears as if the dhcp packets from the new server are being dropped at the switch. I tested the setup using a hub and it was working perfectly.

After finding this url, It looks like I found my problem "

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". Some of my workstations can get an ip with no problem, but none of my IP phones can. Although the I'm using polycom phones, the problem in that post is identical. I never see the DHCP ACK (and on occasion I don't see the DHCP OFFER).

The solution the presented did not seem to be an option for my switch. Does anyone know how to do this in either console or web gui? The switches are Enterasys V2H124-24, and A2H124-48.

I imagine that the reason why I sometimes do not get the offer is dependant on which switch the host is on. It would somewhat make sense for the outbound packets to get dropped when jumping over to the second switch.

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