DHCP Client issue in 2960 switch

I have a ciso 1841 router as a DHCP server. It has the following pool ip dhcp pool switch host client-identifier 0100.1e14.a2dc.00 ( id of the 2960 cisco switch. I added 01 infront to the MAC)

The switch do not get an ip from the DHCP Server(CIsco 1841)

I ran "debug ip dhcp server event" & "debug ip dhcp server packet" Then removed the cable which connects the switch and the router and pluged again. But the console do not show that the switch issues a dhcp request with its client identifier.

f0/24 is a trunk port. switch get connected to the routers f0/0 port through switch f0/24 port.

The switch has 2 VLANs. PCs connected to these vlans get the ips through DHCP server(CIsco

1841).There are other 2 pools defined in the router for these 2 vlans.

Please help me.

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The 01 indicates the media type (Ethernet). Client-identifiers are used for Microsoft DHCP clients. Your switch is not a Microsoft client. You'd likely use: hardware-address

e.g.: hardware-address aaaa.bbbb.cccc ieee802

Presumably you are trying to assign an address to a VLAN interface via DHCP.

Are you sure this can be done on a 2960? The VLAN interface has an "ip address dhcp" command?

The closest thing to a 2960 here, is a 2950, and it doesn't support DHCP on a VLAN interface.

Why do you feel the need to use DHCP for infrastructure components?

Best Regards, News Reader

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