Wy the hell? DMVPN

Why the hell Cisco 831 router supports DMVPN and 851 does not?:) Both of
them have latest IOS versions and highest feature sets...
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Igor Mamuzic
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Another "why the hell?":
The 836 supported ISDN dialout, its followup model 876 does not. (both in the standard featureset)
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Joop van der Velden
hm...I think that I know what's going on here...From my experience 800 series is perfect edge router for smaller enterprises with no more then 100 hosts if they don't do a lot of encryption... Of course, this doesn't fit into Cisco product positioning, because they want you to use 1800 or 2800 series for such enterprise...800 is a teleworker router according to Cisco... So know they want to force us give up from 800 and start buying 1800 or 2800 for customers that really don't need them:)
B.R. Igor
P.S. I hope Cisco won't take my CCNP back because of the statement above:))
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Igor Mamuzic
get real - 800's is for SOHO !
you would be much better off buying a 1700, or 1800, or even a 2800. The latter will take you alongway into the future.
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Martin Bilgrav

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