WLC logg: WIPS Alert: Reason "NoProfile" detected on AP

Hi NG,

i got following WLC-440X logging message:

1 Sat Jul 3 10:35:21 2010 AP 'ACCESSP-3', MAC: 00:14:6a:XX:XX:XX disassociated previously due to AP Reset. Uptime: 0 days, 00 h 00 m 52 s . Last reset reason: controller reboot command 2 Sat Jul 3 10:35:21 2010 WIPS Alert: Reason "NoProfile" detected on AP MAC: 00:14:6a:XX:XX:XX, AP Name: ACCESSP-3

unfortuanitely the neither output interpreter nor the error messages decoder on cisco.com recognize those messages...so:

i cleared the AP's config via WLC, keept the static IP info and let the AP reload, once booted, then reconfigured the AP within the WLC. But everytime the AP joins the WLC after a power outage, its radio interfaces stay down after the join! once joined to the WLC and after i configured the AP on the WLC to enable its radios everything works just fine.

Now i still got the condition that after the power failure within the building for example that i have to re-enable some ap's within the WLCs management. any clues on the message output is welcome.

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