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I just purchased Cisco wireless system with WLC2006 (software ver. with 1231 Ap's preconfigured in lightweight mode.

The WLC sees the AP, but it has problem communicating with it. This is the log:


Sun Sep 3 21:49:51 2006 [ERROR] spam_lrad.c 2544: Security processing of Image Data failed from AP 00:17:59:67:76:80 Sun Sep 3 21:49:51 2006 [ERROR] spam_crypto.c 653: Failed decryption of message from AP 00:17:59:67:76:80

On the AP I get:

*Sep 3 21:54:27.750: %SYS-5-RELOAD: Reload requested by LWAPP CLIENT. Reload Reason: COULD NOT DOWNLOAD NEW IMAGE SUCCESSFULLY. *Sep 3 21:54:29.750: LWAPP_CLIENT_ERROR: not receive read response(0)

I do not have service account to download the latest WLC software (4.0.15...), and the AP's can not be downgraded to authonomus. Any ideas ?

Thanks, Vasil

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Hi Vasil,

You may wish to investigate:

Reloading the Access Point Image

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Upgrade Cisco Aironet AP1200 to IOS

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Hope this helps.

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You really do want to upgrade to latest ( WLC code - this should fix the problem.

Or you can certainly downgrade the APs to autonomous mode. You don't need a service contract for that. See

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a TFTP Server to Return to a Previous Release).


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