WLC 4402 & 1130AG Access-Point

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Is it possible to configure an LWAPP controlled AP directly from the Wireless-LAN-Controller-Box /WLC (4402)? The AP is already registered to the WLC but we need to change the APs IP & GW Address. Can this be done right from the WLC Box or do we have to logon into the AP itself?

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Andy Doe
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Don't have controller handy, but IIRC it should be under Configure->AP. It can assign a static IP address to AP.

Though I'm not sure why would you want to do that.

Regards, Andrey.

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Andrey Tarasov

I _think_ once it's associated with a controller you can _only_ configure this from the controller. Though I might be wrong.

On the controller -

config ap static-IP enable

IMHO you'd be better off using dhcp for this if you can.

Matt Balyuzi

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Andy Doe schrieb:

Usually the AP's IP address and gateway is configured via a DHCP server which also assigns the management interface' address of the WLC.

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Uli Link

If you change the IP to static, and then move the AP to a different subnet it will no longer work. You can't configure an LWAPP AP from a console, so you will have to move it back to the original subnet and then change the AP back to DHCP on the WLC.

The entire point of using a WLC is so you don't have to configure anything on the AP's. The WLC doesn't care what the AP's IP address is (it keeps track of it via it's MAC address) and the IP assigned to the AP has nothing to do with the IP's on the wireless network. If you want to ensure that the AP always has the same IP, configure it as a "static dhcp" on the DHCP server.

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