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I'm on cable and router, xp pro, NIS. My wireless connections work quite well, using my selected network. Right now, for example, I'm wirelessly connected to my chosen network.

Yet now, as often in the past month, there is a window on my screen that says Norton Internet Security - New Network Detected - To join this network, select the location that has the security setting you want to use. Local IP: What locaation do you want to use? Away Home Office Use Custom Settings

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There is no way for me to close this window without making a selection. I don't understand it. Why is this being forced on me when I already am wirelessly connected?


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By way of a Google search, I see I already asked this question in this group, and I only received a silly answer. Here's what I found on the Internet:

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I don't understand much of what they're saying here. But the bottom line appears to be that it's not subversive, and a reboot should fix it.

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169.* is an IP assigned whenever your machine can't get an IP address for whatever reason (be it the DHCP server not giving you an IP etc.).

Just set "Home" and see what happens. NIS filters based on certain profiles, but this whole profile thing never really took off. I believe Home is the default and you won't get any reduction in filtering effectiveness if you choose this one.

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David Fairbrother

This just shows what junk Norton is. The address is a default one that windows assigns itself when it can't talk to your router. There *is* no network if you have this address.

You've lost connectivity when this happens.

Its probably indicative of poor wireless connectivity, tho you'd have to lose connectivity for some considerable time for this to happen.

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