Why tagged EIGRP routes arent propagated?


I have following scheme: Router1Switch_L3Router2Router3

Router1 has two EIGRP AS - 100 and 1000 Switch_L3 same Router2 same Router3 only EIGRP AS 1000

Switch_L3 is a distrubution point for network with following:


router eigrp 1000 redistribute eigrp 100 route-map to-eigrp1000 ... ! route-map to-eigrp1000 deny 10 match tag 1000 ! route-map to-eigrp1000 permit 20 set tag 100 !

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Start by determining why "FD is Inaccessible" is showing for the EIGRP topology entry for route

To see more detail for the topo entry, display and post the output of sh ip eigrp topo

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Yes, this is a unsinchronized entry after "clear ip eigrp 100 neighbors" command, there is no more "FD is Inaccessible" entries after some hours.

But question is still here: Router_3 cant get the whole routing table from Router_2. Also, I made another connection from Router_1 to Router_3, but situation is similar.

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I once had problems with redistribution between EIGRP processes which were solved by assigning one of this processes a different default distance.

Maybe this helps in your case too...

Router(config)# router eigrp xxx Router(router-config)# distance eigrp 91 171

Good luck, Mart> Hi!

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Thanks, Martin - your idea about distances, I re-read documentation about EIGRP and found similar situation, it describes intersection between two or more routes with different AS, but pointed to same location. Look, Router_2 has two AS 1000 and 100, so it has routes in routing table for outside (AS100) networks. Also it get same routes from AS1000, which pointed to Switch_L3, BUT It can transmit routing table to Router_3 _without_ its own routes (it;s right). So I made redistribution from AS100 on Router_2 to AS 1000 via "route-map" and Router_3 got right routes. Everything work fine.

Best Regards, Den.

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