What kit should we use?


Currently for around 2 years we used the following kit in a home office with around 5 users, and around 3 servers:

837 ADSL router with public IP address block (purchased off Ebay and has done well for around 3 years now). ASA 5505 (security plus license)with outside interface on public IP address block.

Our ISP is changing in the UK to using ADSL2 services, and this is not going to work with the 837.

I was thinking of either just replacing the 837 with a like for like router, but with the ADSL2 services, ditching the Cisco router completely for a cheaper model, or buying a new router that does everything (router, firewall, wireless, and perhaps some form of IPS/content checking), and removing the ASA.

Does such a beast exist that will do all the services required? I don't want to go rackmount if possible.

Thanks. Andrew.

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Andrew Hodgson
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If it ain't broken, don't fix it. The simplest solution is to replace the

837 with an 877W which will also give you wireless a/b/g. This model also does lots of security stuff, and supports VPN so you might be able to ditch the ASA. They are also pretty cheap, less than $500.

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