Publishing a public IP behind an ASA 5510

Hi all,

I have a remote office which has an ASA 5510 providing their internet connection and currecntly all trafic is NAT'd to an internal LAN. They have a /29 block of addresses and I would like to use one of these addresses for an Juniper Netscreen unit providing a link to our existing VPN cloud..

Could someone point me in the right direction? Pretty much every example I can find has NAT'd devices behind the ASA but I really want to use one of the available public IP's



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Martin Pugh
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I did this with a ASA 5505 -- 3 public IPs, one assigned to the outside NIC handling NAT traffic for the inside clients. One box in the inside has a static NAT translation for another public IP, in effect giving it a public IP.

If you want the Netscreen physically *behind* the ASA, this is what you will have to do. The alternative is to have it physically in front of the ASA with some kind of small switch shared by your WAN device, the ASA and your Netscreen.

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