Ports/services for drive mapping

What ports or services do I need to enable to allow mapping a drive letter from my inside network to a server in the DMZ? I'm setting up an ASA 5505, and need to be able to connect a drive on the web server as a mapped network drive from my inside machines.


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Depends on what protocol is being used to map the drive which is dependent on the server OS.

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Windows 2000 and XP on both ends (at least for now).

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Windows uses TCP port 445 for drive mappings. Well last time I looked it simultaneously attempted to connect with 445 and also the obsolete TCP 139. It used whichever worked first.

It is called SMB (server message block) and was renamed some years ago by microsoft to CIFS Common Internet File System.

Interestingly, it is not commonly used on the Internet and is in fact singularly unsuited for use as a file system communicating across the Internet. Still, marketing seems to matter much more than functionality.

Ho hum.

If you want to map to servers by name you will have to make name resolution work. You can of course map drives by IP address if you prefer.

net use x: \\\\\\share-name

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Some references still use "SMB"; I didn't know they were the same thing.

With M$, anyway...

Yes, I do both in different situations. Thanks for the info!

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