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I have a site that is hosting a website on a W2K3 Server behind a PIX 506e

6.34. I can ping the site from everywhere, but not everywhere can view the website.

We have tested using a dialup (Optus) and can see the website, but at our head office site (Primus ADSLbehind 506e) we can't. From my home (Telstra ADSL) I can see the site, but a couple of people from other companies (using Optus Broadband) they can't see the website but all can ping.

It isn't the firewall at my office that is stopping it as I bypassed it and went directly out the modem. It can't be the modem as other people are having the same problem.

At the site where the website is hosted we changed from Primus ADSL to Telstra ADSL and the problem persisted.

If other services are opened eg. ftp, they can't be seen either from the sites that are having problems but can be viewed by the dialup and from my home.

If I do a portscan from the dialup I can see port 80 open. If I do a portscan from our office I can't see port 80 open.

Has anyone seen anything like this and have an idea of what it may be?

The site is Thanks


Nathan Simpson

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Don't worry, sorted it out.

Was a routing issue on the PC that was hosting the website

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