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Hi guyz,

I'm very new in this cisco product so i need ur guidance and patience in helping me out. We have a main office and branch office and intend to connect both of them through site-site vpn. I have a cisco 837 on both office and i successfully managed to get the vpn site-site on both office running.

But, i'm having a trouble on the branch office. It seems like i can't ping to the server internal ip address( at the main office. I can ping the server external ip address( From the main office, i'm able to ping the branch office internal ip address(

My problem is i need to connect 8 client pc's from the branch office to join the domain on the main office.

Appreciate if u guyz can help me in this.

Cheers, hidayat

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sounds like a NAT issue to me ...

HTH Martin

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Martin Bilgrav

Can you paste some configuration info??

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Hi guys,

Thank for your help so far. I managed to get the vpn site-site up and running. I'm able to ping on both side of the network. But my problem is when i tried to join domain from my branch office, i'm unable to join domain to my main office. It took quite some time before is time out itself. I don't know what is blocking me from joining in the domain on the main office server which is skl.local

I can ping the server lan ip address but when i try to join domain, i simply can't join domain.

Anyone has any idea if there's any configuration that i need to add?

Your help is much appreciated.

Andrew wrote:

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