Weird 3640 Boot Up Problem

I have several older 3640 routers in use yet. Actually 2 in service and a spare. They have multiple T1 interfaces and I use them to load balance the T1's with MLPPP. Whats weird is when they work they work great and run like months or darn near years without having any issues. I have seen on a number of occasions though when I shut them down to upgrade or due to a massive power failure sometimes they do not boot back up. What I see is the ethernet green lights just flash steadilly. Nothing comes accross console port that I can tell and they just never come to life. What seems to bring them back is killing power for a while then trying again and doing it over and over. After about an hour and a dozen or so attempts like this they come back to life and boot up successfully.

Any ideas what is wrong?

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It happened with me too, but with PIX 506E.. After running for almost 9-10 months it stopped working and when i give a cold restart it comes up automaticlaly meanwhile .. mothing comes on console or in logs.

Any help wil be appreciable..


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After about an hour and a dozen or so attempts like this they

seen the same in 3640. I use another workaround: power off, unplug all NM slots, put them back, power on.

I suspect electrostatic issues.... maybe better grounding would fix it?

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