SNMP OID's for Cisco 6509 with SUP2 and MSFC

I just spent weeks finding and understanding the OID's needed for monitoring memory and processor utilization on a Cisco 6509 with SUP2, MSFC and PFC (Policy Feature Cards).

Here are the OID's for anyone who may be interested.

Memory Utilization OID's for Cisco 6509

SUP2 Processor Memory Free: SUP2 Processor Memory Used:

SUP2 IO Memory Free: SUP2 IO Memory Used:

MSFC Processor Memory Free: MSFC Processor Memory Used:

MSFC IO Memory Free: MSFC IO Memory Used:

CPU Utilization OID's for Cisco 6509

MSFC Processor Usage in %: . SUP2 Processor Usage in %: . PFC Processor Usage in %: .

I hope this saves someone some time.

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