VoIP (SIP) though an Soho91

Hello !

I have actually a config-problem which starts to drive me crazy :

I simply try to use an VoIP client though my Soho91 . The config of the Client seems OK, it works when I use an different DLS router (a standard home-solution) without any special settings on it.

Now i try the same using my Cisco It seems that the INVITE-message is sent, authentication at the SIP-proxy works. I even get back an answer from the SIP-Proxy (something like 'your call is important to us ......') but then I get an timeout error.

I allready disabled everything regarding firewall (enabling this raises the trouble - even if all neccessary ports should be open).

As I said, using an 'cheapo' DLS-router everything works fine.

Any ideas where to search for the problem ?


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Carsten Schaudel
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