Unable to get Router Access - 2612

I have a Cisco 2612 router. (T1 WIC) We are unable to telnet into the router. The router is denying the login password. We are positive that it had not been change per the latest configuration. We have the printout and have confirmed the passwords with available sources. We also cannot not login via the console. We get a few non descript characters and then nothing. Tried multiple speeds from 9600 and down. I did not think to try the upper speeds.

What other options do I have to recover the router. It is working fine, but we need to make IP changes. I am guessing some electrical corruption may have taken place. Does the jumper option for changing the baud rate work reliably??

Any help would be appreciated.

thx in advance.

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Can you power-cycle your router to eliminate sw bugs if any?

B.R. Igor

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Igor Mamuzic

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