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does anybody now what the following static route entry means?

ip route Tunnel7

I know that traffic to the specified net is send through Tunnel7. But what is the purpose of the IP address


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now sure why it is used in your instance

something to be aware of is that the preferred from of static route is ip route

if one wants to ensure that a recursion lookup of next-hop cannot occur then one adds the interface to the static route

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Merv is the next hop

The Tunnel7 interface is defined so that the route will be removed from the routing table if Tunnel7 goes down.

If the route had been entered this way:

ip route

The router could potentially use another interface to get to the next hop address (, if the directly connected interface went down (which in this case would be Tunnel7).

This is actually very important if you have multiple paths that can reach a next hop address (they don't have to be directly connected).

So, let's say your device is directly connected to the internet, the Tunnel7 interface is defined in the static route so that the router would not try to send the traffic for over the internet connection if the tunnel went down.


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