Does RIP advertise static route

Does RIP advertise static route According to the book I'm reading(the official Cisco Press book for ICND), if you create the static route, it will be advertised by RIP.

I have read other places where this isn't true. What is the correct answer? I know for a fact you can advertise default routes with ip default-network command. These default routes will then be advertised as

What happens when you issue the command

ip route next hop ip address

Does this route get advertised by RIP?

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As with all networking questions, the answer is: - it depends.

...It depends on what version of IOS you are using. In older versions of IOS, the version of RIP used, automatically redistributed the default static router. With IOS version 12.0T and later, RIP does not advertise the default route if the route is not learned via RIP. It may be necessary to redistribute the route into RIP.

Assuming you are using something newer than 12.0T, simply "redistribute static" under "router rip" and you should have it.


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Truer words were never spoken.

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newer version of IOS also suppport the default-info originate command

router rip network default-information originate

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