Help with understanding 'show ip route' output

Hi all, I am using a Catalyst 6509. The following is the output of the sho ip route:

MLS-1-1#sho ip route Routing entry for Known via "ospf 100", distance 110, metric 115, type intra area Last update from on FastEthernet3/22, 00:01:29 ago Routing Descriptor Blocks: *, from, 00:01:29 ago, via FastEthernet3/22 Route metric is 115, traffic share count is 1

What does distance of 110 and metric of 115 mean? How are these values calculated? What does traffic share count mean?

The same route via sho ip route:

O [110/115] via, 00:02:33, FastEthernet3/22

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John Smith
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The distance 110 refers to the administrative distance (AD), which is a value assigned to every routing protocol to help in the decision process in the case of identical routes learned from more than one source. OSPF has an AD of 110, EIGRP is 90, RIP is 120, just to name a few. The metric in OSPF, referred to as cost, is calculated using the formula: cost= 100,000,000/bandwith in bps. I'm not positive, but I believe the traffic share count has to do with the way traffic will be load balanced to the destination network. Since OSPF doesn't support unequal cost load balancing, this should always be

  1. (Assuming I'm correct that it is used for load balancing) HTH


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