Static Route that won't go away


I have a static route in my router that I don't remember putting there. It is to a public address.

The problem is that when I do a no ip route it says No Matching Route To Delete.

This is the network that i get my public IPs from and the next hop in the static route is incorrect. It is the network address of my block of IPs from my ISP, which of course is not assigned anywhere. So whenever I go to a site that starts with the same network address, it doesn't go through.

When I add a static route with the next hop correct, both routes exist in the routing table and it load balances across both links, meaning that when I ping addresses with the same network address, half of them make it and the other half do not.

Has anyone ever seen this? Why can't I get rid of the route?


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K.J. 44
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That -usually- indicates that it is a Connected route, generated automatically because the interface is in that subnet.

Could you show us your routing table (suitably obscured so that we can tell which route is which) ?

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Walter Roberson

Here it is:

Gateway of last resort is PUBLIC.IP.NETWORK.ADDRESS+1 to network

PUBLIC IP.0.0.0/8 is variably subnetted, 2 subnets, 2 masks S PUBLIC IP.0.0.0/8 [1/0] via PUBLIC.IP.NETWORK.ADDRESS C PUBLIC.IP.NETWORK.ADDRESS/30 is directly connected, FastEthernet 0/1 PRIVATE.IP.ADDRESS.0/30 is subnetted, 1 subnets C PRIVATE.IP.ADDRESS.0 is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0 S* [1/0] via PUBLIC.IP.NETWORK.ADDRESS+1

Hopefully that is obscure enough and not too confusing S PUBLIC IP.0.0.0/8 [1/0] via PUBLIC.IP.NETWORK.ADDRESS

This is the route to get rid of. When I go to other sites with the same first PUBLIC IP it won't go through. However if I add a static route that looks like this:


It load balances across the links and half of the packets make it.

Thanks > >

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K.J. 44

My guess is that the bad route is being created automatically due to some kind of auto-summary, although I thought that only applied to routing protocols, not static routing.

Do you have "ip classless" configured? If not, maybe that's causing a route for the /8 of your outside network to be created automatically.

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Barry Margolin

Any chance you could post the config? Obfuscate as necessary, but too much cleverness might mask the problem.

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I will do that on Monday. ip classless is definitely configured. It does appear to be some kind of summary route, is there a way to so no summary route other then ip classless? I am running single area OSPF so I don't understand why there is any authosummarization.

THanks. wrote:

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K.J. 44

do you have an "ip default-network" command configured ?

It is a classful command and if you have a route to a subnet of that network, I believe IOS will install the major network from the defualt-network command into the routing table as a static route.

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SPOKE#sh run | inc ip route ip route ip route ip route ip route

SPOKE#config t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. SPOKE(config)#no ip route %No matching route to delete

SPOKE(config)#no ip default-network SPOKE(config)#end

SPOKE#sh run | inc ip route ip route ip route ip route

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Thank you very much. You are the man! That did the trick!

Thanks aga> SPOKE#sh run | inc ip route

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