Special NAT configuration with route-map?


currently I have the following NAT setup with a Cisco 2801:

A (nat inside) C2801 B (nat outside)

So the C2801 has two ethernet interfaces, one of them configured as "ip nat inside", the other as "ip nat outside". Some nat settings are already configured on the C2801 (IOS 12.4(7)) which are mostly

ip nat inside source route-map ... or ip nat inside source static

Everything works fine so far.

Now I have to add a very special nat with the following properties depending on the outside source address:

Traffic arriving from side B with a special source address and a special destination address should get a new destination address on the C2801 in the following manner

Source/outside is from net Destination/outside is Source/inside should be the same address as S outside Destination/outside should be

I think this could be done with

ip nat outside source static ...

but I can't figure the right syntax.

And even more: can I have the same behaviour with more than one address with Destination/outside from with a fixed rewriting 192.168.140.x -> 192.168.128.x?

Again I can not figure out the correct syntax, but possibly there would be something with route-map?

Any hints are appreciated!



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