Standby Module disabled after IOS Image upgrade


We just upgrade the IOS image on our 4510R switch and noticed that the standby module is diabled and has no IOS image loaded on, is there a way to enable this module from priv # mode and copy the image from the active supervisor module? when we attempt to copy the image copy bootflash:ios_image standbybootflash:ios_image the message returns the module is not accessible.

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"Recover a Cisco IOS Catalyst 4500/4000 Series Switch from a Corrupt or Missing Image or in Rommon Mode"

Is the place to start.

Probably worth just getting a console cable in and if you can get to the rommon prompt try typing


followed of course by the return key.

If it boots then you can worry about how to recover it later.

If it was me I would want an outage to do it, or an off-line switch.

It is I think required that the images on the two SEs should be identical (or maybe similar). Not sure what happens if they are too different. Maybe that is all that is wrong.

If you have the external flash cards you can use that to get an image on to the module.

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I believe you are supposed to copy the new image to both supervisor BEFORE you reload either sup

Worst case off hours pull the current active, repower the switch and then perform the same upgrade you did on the first sup OIR the the first sup and enure they both sync up perform server failovers from one sup to the other

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What model is your Supervisor module? Does it have a Compact Flash slot? Just get a CF flash, copy image from working Supervisor (copy bootflash: slot0:), insert the flash to a standby supervisor and boot from it (in the ROMMON do "boot slot0:"). it's much easier than trying to copy from the network.

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