SSH on PIX firewall

How can I enable SSH on my pix firewall? I've searched but haven't been able to find any docs on this subject yet

-- dal

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If you are using PIX 6.3, then see:

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Walter Roberson

Configuring PIX to Accept SSH Connections Our first task is to generate an RSA public/private key pair to use t securely transfer the session key from the server to the client. Th hostname and domain-name must be set before the PIX will allow you t generate the key pair.

Assign a hostname and domain name to the PIX. This is required t generate the RSA key set.

pixfirewall(config)# hostname percival percival(config)# domain-name

Generate an RSA Key pair and save the keys to Flash memory.

percival(config)# ca generate rsa key 2048

For >= 1024, key generation could take up to several minutes. Please wait.......... View your newly created RSA Public Key.

percival(config)# sh ca mypubkey rsa

% Key pair was generated at: 15:02:39 May 28 2001 Key name: Usage: General Purpose Key Key Data:

30820122 300d0609 2a864886 f70d0101 01050003 82010f00 3082010a 0282010

00b0475a 85bcfce7 91e36431 16c67070 24e4eb09 1b55766c 3588ea87 ba63738

8e3455a5 a7f71a8f fcd93f25 2bb95484 668ae92d a2175de3 04605fd0 d84f17e

70569d26 90ff55d9 3cb91b90 ca4102d5 dc3c9cd1 25692aba f5cabae7 4f06645

86ecae91 a6e8c032 1e15184d f12f4bf8 18828ca6 6bc61c80 08a1425a 7d76720

ae68098f 703a972f 59b92239 ed9ae146 ff4a7ea4 6ae2b527 0486c91a c76bd37

3093d024 164e6032 c327d9b9 ed7101c8 73030634 defc0848 78a51d04 6995ad8

5cbdc0b1 e77091e0 283e5881 407b3639 8a90abba fa559e4b 07a769ab 19b020f

ba76301a 09772faa 2920067b be4ca3c0 84e2f7f0 7985eafe 227940e4 c56aea3

23020301 0001

After generating the keys, you must save them to Flash. Failure t perform this step will result in the erasure of the keys at the nex reload.

percival(config)# ca save all

Specify what hosts are allowed to SSH to the PIX and set the SS inactivity timeout. In this case, you will limit SSH access to a singl inside host and kill sessions after one hour of inactivity.

percival(config)# ssh inside percival(config)# ssh timeout 60

Set the enable password and Telnet password. You will be required t enter the Telnet password to authenticate your SSH session.

percival(config)# enable password hArd2Gue$$ percival(config)# passwd Ace$$D3n13dNote

If you have previously configured a telnet password and enabl password, you don't need to change them for SSH to work.

You may want to try searching for answers to questions lik these.

Regards, Yo

-- yowla

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