Running SDM on Windows Server 2003 R2?

Hi, I cannot get the Cisco SDM v2.5 to run on systems running Window Server 2003 R2. I have no problem getting SDM to run on systems running Windows XP or Vista. I have tried to install and run SDM on three different W2003R2 systems. Two were freshly installed and patched lab computers and one was a two year old utility server I have in my office.

I feel like I am missing some basic configuration difference between server and workstation versions of Windows. I have searched the web, news groups, and Cisco=92s site, but have not found any reference to this problem.

What happens is this=85 (1) The SDM Launcher applet is displayed. I enter the IP address of a router. (2) Internet Explorer pops up with a prompt about displaying blocked content. I respond by approving the running of the blocked content. (3) A login Dialog is displayed. I enter a valid user id and password. (4) Then, instead of the SDM Windows being display, and IE windows is displayed with the following text.

function getcookie(cookiename) { var cookiestring=3D""+document.cookie; var index1=3Dcookiestring.indexOf(cookiename) if (index1=3D=3D-1 || cookiename=3D=3D"") { return ""; } var index2=3Dcookiestring.indexOf(';',index1); if (index2=3D=3D-1) index2=3Dcookiestring.length; var c =3D unescape(cookiestring.substring(index1+cookiename.length

+1,index2)); return c; } // getcookie() =2E . =2E . =2E .

Java is installed and enabled on the servers. Anybody have any odea what this problem could be?

Thanks, John

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John Heitmuller
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Have you tried Firefox? No problems with SDM and ASDM + Firefox on 2003R2 here.

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Thanks, that was a huge help. SDM fired right up with firefox. Now I'm really curious. Obviously, this is a deault setting issue with IE and Server 2003 R2. I'll see if I can figure out what the setting conflict is and post it back here.

Thanks again, John

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