Spa9000 Sip to IAD2431 to Cisco 2811 PRI

internal SIP based system consisting of SPA9000, SPA400 and SPA942 phones is to be configured to send and receive calls through a PRI based protocol set up on the carrier edge router Cisco 2811. I sucessfully configured the T1 1/0 port of our own edge router Cisco IAD 2431 to connect to the Cisco 2811 T1 port of the carrier . [ test was successful ISDN test call from the CLI of the IAD 2431 with number ringing and such]

I have two remaining tasks:

1) configure the SPA9000 to connect to the IAD FE 0/0 . this means setting up the FE 0/0 correctly with the correct sip-ua setting/ subsetting and correctly settting up the SPA9000. I am assuming that the proxy registration is an address on the IAD2431 at this point.

2) Making Sure that Calls will be routed from the FE 0/0 to the PRI T1. I am assuming that thsi trunking won;t happend by magic and needs to be set up. this is the part where a SIP message needs to be transformed to PRI.

I have tried many configurations and done much research. All I accomplished was to get more and more confused about the IP telephony. I am going back to basic and learning the technology as fast as possible. I would have tought that my sip-server would be the IAD 2431 and not the SPA9000. Anyhow if you do have smaple config files or have gone through this set up before your infromation will be immensly appreciated.


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