Cisco 2811 Syslog configuration problem


I am trying to pass syslog from outside interface to server that sits behind pix firewall. Details as follows.

Cisco2811 (LAN) Kiwi Syslog on UDP port 514

Cisco Pix (Outside Interface) (Inside Interface)

Syslog sitting on:

I setup the 2811 to pass the syslog to Trying to get the Pix to route all inbound UPD 514 traffic from the Cisco 2811 to I would like to keep the outside Cisco

2811 traffic visable in the syslog so I can tell between Pix, 2811, and VPN 2005 that is logging to..

Here is the deal. The syslog is listeniing on UDP 514. All other network devices are logging to this port. (VPN,PIX, 2950's, Aironet)The Cisco 2811 is setup for logging but nothing comes through on UDP 514. When I allow all UDP traffic from Cisco

2811 through Pix firewall to syslog it works. It would not be good to allow all UDP traffic. What gives here? Anyone with suggestion of feedback on this? I researched and could not find anything helpful.


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No, you cannot run Kiwi Syslog on the Cisco 2811. You can only configure the 2811 to send syslog information to somewhere, and that somewhere might happen to be running Kiwi Syslog.

static(inside,outside) udp interface 514 514 access-list out2in permit udp host interface outside eq 514 access-group out2in in interface outside

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Walter Roberson

Update the syslog is sitting on server behind Pix. Still cant log from

2811 to syslog server behind pix. Any help appreciated.
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