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Hi, could you please help me with configuration. (write correct commands) I need share my Internet connection to 2 users (user1, user2) I have ADSL 1Mbps and Cisco 1720 with 2 x ethernet interface and configured NAT and more. NAT is working. I would like to guarantee good download speed to user1. User2 can download full speed but only when user1 doesn't use internet.

I tryed do this using CBWFQ.This is part of configuration.

ip access-list extended user1 permit ip any host

! ip access-list extended acl_user2 permit ip any host

! class-map match-any user1 match access-group name user1

class-map match-any user2 match access-group name user2

policy-map pm_lan2internet class user2 bandwidth 100 shape average 300000 32768 32768

class user1 bandwidth 800

class class-default fair-queue 64 ! pozosta=B3y ruch, kt=F3ry nie trafi=B3 do =BFadnej z klas powy=BFej ! rozk=B3adany jest do 64 niezale=BFnych kolejek

! LAN interface interface FastEthernet 0 service-policy output pm_lan2internet

Thanks Mariusz

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